The Secret's Out At Western Bank

A Secret Museum located inside the University of Sheffield is to open its doors to the public on a regular basis following the huge access during the Festival of Mind last year.
TV bird expert and animal behaviour specialist Professor Tim Birkhead, opned the little known Alfred Denny Museum during the festival – and the series of guided tours proved a big hit. Now, the prof has secured funding to open the museum to the public every first Saturday of the month between 9:30am and 1pm.
The museum is filled with artefacts from the natural world – including the skull of an enormous 'terror bird', fossilised tiny flying dinosaurs, a half porpoise and sun spiders with poisonous jaws. The collection is normally a working study museum for students in the university's animal and plant sciences department – but the enthusiasm from the public for the extensive hidden collection allowed for a public opening. 
The museum is situated in the university's Alfred Denny Building on Western Bank and will next be open to the public on Saturday March 2nd. Click here for the website to find out more!

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