The Reverend is Making a difference!

Some people will go to any lengths to win a game of 5-a-side.
Reverend and the Maker's lead singer Jon McClure has volunteered to help a struggling Youth Club- Double Six, and to right a few wrongs from his greener days. The Woodseats based Club has recently found itself short on cash, and so one of its youngest members – Libby Hope – stood up to the plate.
She took it upon herself to launch an appeal via Twitter to raise awareness of her beloved Club's plight and, targetting Sheffield's movers and shakers, she's struck gold. Artist Pete McKee, a number of Sheffield Steelers players, cake retailer Fancie, and the Sheffield Star sports journalist Richard Fidler were some of the people touched by her message, but Libby really hit the big time thanks to 20:20 Agency’s Sally Rushton.
Sally is a close friend of Jon McClure and once she put him in the loop, he responded by visiting the club in person to help lend his support.
“They’re great, youth clubs – they give kids something to do when they might otherwise be on a computer," Chirped Jon while navigating a game of hopscotch. "They're a bit old-school but they give a bit of focus to the community.”
Jon's support will hopefully work wonders for the Club, which means the world to its members. “I love this youth club and got quite angry when I heard it might shut down, so I knew I had to do something about it. Me and my friends wrote a letter to David Cameron but I also decided to contact celebrities on twitter; I’ve had nearly 70 retweets!” said Libby.

The Club is doing all they can to raise funds, including holding a cake sale which managed to round up a whopping £200,  before a bunch of the girls held their own event- forking together £70! "We were delighted at their initiative and effort" said Richard Hay, the Youth Worker in charge at the Club. 
Unfortunately, despite the endeavour of everyone involved, the Club is still fighting a battle to stay afloat. So get rummaging down the back of your sofa and empty out the draws of all those pieces of shrapnel, and help by making a donation. You can do this by contacting Richard Hay by email ( or calling 07545 962 015.
You can always visit the Club's website too, for all the latest information. Any donation would be greatly appreciated by everyone at the Club.

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