The Republica superclub revolution

Allons-y! In less than a fortnight, the city’s latest revolution in clubbing – the mutinously-named Republica – opens its doors to a rebellious Sheffield. 
Offering three themed rooms, state of the art sound and a luxurious setting, consultants Eat My Disco have tried to offer a premium clubbing experience that won’t cost a month’s rent. 
Republica's spokesman explains: “We know Sheffield and its people so well because we want what they want – an amazing club that gives the best night in the city, without being too expensive.”
Republica’s VIP room on the other hand sounds like a more decadent experience. “It's the only genuine VIP room in sheffield," Say Republica. "If you're lucky enough to be offered one of the platinum coloured VIP cards you will never queue, you will never pay to get in and you will be looked after by waiters and waitresses pouring you Grey Goose vodka, Krug Champagne and the best cocktails you've ever tasted…”
Republica Superclub opens in Sheffield on the weekend of 29th & 30th July. Visit the website for more. 

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