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Our website has been taken over! An overhaul that will go down in the history books, along with that time Gandalf took over wizarding duties from Sauroman in Lord of the Rings. It’s of that magnitude.

The height of student accommodation, The Pinnacles ( see what we did there?) which also boasts the fastest broadband in the West has taken a seat on the golden throne normally reserved for our website team to bring you a weeks’ worth of exciting stuff. 
Not only are we regaling you with stories and quips from the hearts of Sheffield residents and the Exposed team, there's several sneaky peaks into the lives of those mythical creatures known as students and their humble abodes.  Plus – our Curtis  has his room treated to a makeover, just to prove it IS possible to live like a student in style! 
We've also got a photo competiton on Facebook for the best shot from the loftiest of heights. Our intern struggled with vertigo from the top of The Pinnacles, so we need you to do better! There are prizes to be won and fun to be had. We would quite like our golden chair back though… 
Keep your eyes on the website for all the updates, and head to The Pinnacles website to check out Sheffield’s savviest student accommodation. 


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