The Pinnacles: Makeover

As part of The Pinnacles week long takeover this week, we decided to muscle in on daytime tv territory, and attempt to makeover (darling) one student's room. No small feat, we can assure you!
Whilst The Pinnacles offer seriously good student accomodation, with spacious rooms and super fast broadband, it's still quite the challenge to jazz up a square, beige room with fitted furniture and walls we can't paint!
Lacking the interior design flaire needed for such a task, we recruited Tara from Stone The Crows to help get the creative juices flowing and provide all we could need to help make young Curtis' room the envy of his pals.
In case you didn't know, Stone The Crows have four shops, from Sheffield to Leamington Spa. The Sheffield store is located at 1-5 The Moor and stocks everything from giftware to furniture and home interiors. The perfect place for a bit of Christmas Shopping (yes, Christmas is NEXT MONTH). It caters for all budgets and be advised, leave time for a good long mooch, the shop is a bit like Aladdin's Cave, if Aladdin had a penchant for home wares. Give 'em a follow on Facebook to find out more.
Having briefed Tara on the room, mentioned that it was a boy's pad so flowers and fairy lights were probably a no go, she came up with some great pieces. One of our favourites being a chair made from a recycled oil can. Items in the room range from £3.99 – £125 (ok, oil cans don't come so cheap these days) and with small additions, we managed to liven up the room without any need for paint/ screws. Eat your heart out, makeover telly!
Curtis Parker-Milnes, who was the lucky Pinnacles student on the receiving end of the makover, filmed the whole thing for us! Despite his videographer skills, this is not quite the slick operation you see on Extreme Makeover, and we've  held back our proposal for Living Tv until we've smoothed out the edges a little. But it is well worth a watch, and you're sure to pick up some present ideas from Stone The Crows! 
So sit back, relax, and delve into the world of the Exposed Makeover…!

Offering the height of student accommodation, The Pinnacles offers ultra modern living spaces and superfast broadband for the discerning student. Visit The Pinnacles website here, their Twitter feed here or follow them on Facebook for more info.


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