The Next Three Days

Russell Crowe needs a career lift. After the lukewarm reception given to Robin Hood, his fifth collaborative effort with Ridley Scott, and a series of respectable but forgettable performances, the former gladiator certainly has something to prove.
Thankfully, The Next Three Days sees Crowe at the best he has been since A Beautiful Mind. Written and directed by Paul Haggis, the scripting talent behind Crash and Casino Royale, it is a well paced and intense thriller. Crowe is excellent as teacher, John Brennan, who is willing to risk everything to save the wife that he believes is wrongly accused of murder.
Even if the end result is never really in question, the single-minded determination and desperation of Brennan is always involving.
With clever dialogue, twisted reveals and empathic characters, The Next Three Days is a focus on how far a person’s passion will take them in order to save the person they love.
Ali Bianchi

In it
Russell Crowe, Elizabeth Banks

Behind it
Paul Haggis


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