The Muppets

They don’t make them like this anymore!
In an era of 21st century cynicism, the honesty and optimism of The Muppets is a breath of fresh air. The nods to the glory days of Kermit and friends are aplenty, with more than its fair share of throat-lump inducing, but virgin Muppeteers will equally lap up a film that thrives on ambition and pure joy.
As the Muppets biggest fan, Walter, seeks to reunite the old gang in order to save the Muppet theatre, the audience is swept along by gloriously nonsensical, toe-tapping songs, childish humour, and a self-awareness that is so openly audacious in playing with the conventions of film, that you can’t help but smile. There are, perhaps, one too many emotional dramas to maintain the initial momentum, and the middle act does lose itself before regrouping for the grand finale, but with such sunny film-making, it’s hard to care too much.  
Words by Ali Bianchi. Catch Ali and Adam's movie podcast Film Clash here.

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