The Lost Brothers- New Songs of Dawn and Dust

Review of The Lost Brothers latest album, New Songs Of Dawn And Dust.


Produced in relationship with The Coral’s guitarist Bill Ryder-Jones, this album is certainly the start of something new for the Irish folk duo.

Though folk isn’t unfamiliar to repetitive simple melodies, crooning sweet voices singing the blues, about the blues, you can’t help but notice there’s something deeper in half the album – that’s graspable, ethereal and enjoyable to any person welcome to the emotionally charged tracks.

The divide between the ‘dawn’ and ‘dust’ couldn’t be more evident. Some tracks toward the beginning of the album sound so generic you’d struggle to distinguish between them. BUT then there’s the other half that makes you stop and listen, like Ferris Bueller would, and take note of the world around you – the sweet guitars, a sorrowful but powerful piano and terrific trailing mystic voices in your ears.


7/10 CM


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