The Leisure Society – The Harley, Sheffield (16th February 2012)

To the long list of acts who deserve to be more famous, most of tonight’s audience at The Harley will be adding The Leisure Society. 
This show was postponed from late last year, when they released their second full length album and it did not disappoint in any way. Imagine if you will an English take on the Fleet Foxes, with the pop sensibilities of The Beatles or the Kinks, and you’re almost there.  This was as entertaining an hour of music as you’ll see on any stage in Sheffield this year. 
That CD, Into The Murky Water, confirmed front-man Nick Hemming as one of our foremost songwriters so quite why their music remains so hidden from public view and unappreciated is an ongoing mystery.  It may have something to do with his retiring personality, as tonight he was quite happy for others in the band to do the ‘between-songs-chatty-bit’ at times. Nonetheless, there's little doubt as to the quality of The Leisure Society's material… 
Two of tonight’s songs, ‘Save it for someone who cares’ (vid below) –

 – and ‘The last of the melting snow’(vid below) –

– have both been nominated for Ivor Novello awards, so they must be doing something right.  They were just two of many highlights of their set list tonight. By the end it was hard to think of a single track that I wanted to hear that they hadn’t played.
One of the biggest crowds I have seen in the Harley for some time totally loved every note and cheered and shouted for more as they left the stage. The Leisure Society are one of a few genuinely talented bands who release albums that sound good from start to finish.  Tonight they just wanted to play their songs live to whoever wanted to listen.  You can’t ask for more than that. 

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