The Jailbreak!

You’ve got 36 hours to get as far from Dev’ Green as possible, with no money. What do you do?
Zac Waxman, heir of Henderson’s Relish – Sheffield’s most recognisable brand and winner of the Made in Sheffield Exposed Award 2011 – was one of 100 students from Sheffield Hallam University who got involved in the Hallam Great Escape challenge last weekend to raise money for two charities.
He and his mates Alex Wilby and Hailey Evenett left on Friday and got as far as Prague by Saturday evening, blagging train tickets and lifts along the way, and raising £250 ahead of their trip for Barnardo’s and Sheffield Mencap charity.
“Other universities have participated in the past and some students have gone all the way to Brazil, Hong Kong, Australia to name a few,” said Zac.
“Our personal target was to get at least 1000 miles away.”
If you’re curious about their trip, check out the Facebook page set up to record their every move along the way, including photos and videos. 

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