The Green Hornet 3D (12A)

A source of constant disappointment to his overbearing father, playboy Britt Reid loves boozing, bedding hot chicks, and generally wasting his life.
When Dad snuffs it, Britt inherits his media empire and intends to do precisely nothing with it. That is, until he realises that both he and Kato, his Dad’s ingenious mechanic/barista, could actually devote their time to something, namely crime-fighting.
On paper, this looks like something of a mess, and whilst Rogen is arguably miscast, he does his best as Reid.
Equally strange is the involvement of Gondry, whose inventive visual flair turns a mediocre caper into something interesting – check out that baffling split-screen sequence.
All told, this is a thoroughly decent action comedy that those who enjoyed the likes of Kick-Ass and Scott Pilgrim, will definitely be up for.

James McVeigh


In it
Seth Rogen, Jay Chou

Behind it
Michel Gondry


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