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Exposed meets local artist Steve Goodison.


Born and bred in Sheffield, artist Steve Goodison has always been passionate about drawing. Qualified as a graphic designer, Steve currently works in the print industry as well as displaying his brilliant exhibitions across various venues in Sheffield. His latest instalment, ‘Lyric of Your Life’ is currently exhibiting at the Green Room; featuring stunning pencil drawings of musicians such as Bob Marley, Jarvis Cocker and Liam Gallagher along with their iconic song lyrics. We had a chat with Steve to hear all about it.


Hi Steve, a bit of background first. How’d you first get into art?

I’ve always been into drawing. Art was always my favourite subject at school, which led to me doing an art and design course after I left and then onto graphic design. About 5 years ago, I was asked to do a family portrait as a gift, and it all started from there.

What drew you to the medium of pencil?

I experimented with other mediums, but find that pencil works best for me.

How do you decide which musician’s lyrics to immortalise in your portraits?

I started off just doing portraits of people who I liked, the first couple I did were George Best & Jack Nicholson. Then I started on people who I enjoy musically & I had the idea to introduce song lyrics into the portraits. So I started experimenting with their songs and lyrics which I thought would work well.

Why music? And have you met any of the musicians you’ve featured?

Music is something I'm really into; and yes, I've met Big Shaun from the Everly Pregnant Brothers and Chris Perkins from Section 60. They both bought portraits I did featuring them. I've also met Toby Foster and Nick Banks, -both of them through winning the portraits of distinction competition in 2010 & 2014 at Art in the Gardens.

Can you tell us a bit about your exhibition at the Green Room?

The exhibition is called ' Lyrics of your Life' and is of my favourite musicians and their songs lyrics, which feature the artist within the lyrics. There are a set of 8 pictures, including Bob Marley, Jarvis Cocker and Paul Weller. However, since my work has been on display, I have been asked to do a couple of commissions.


What’s your favourite piece of art?

My own personal favourite is the portrait I did of Bob Marley. But I've always liked other Sheffield artist, like Pete McKee and Kid Acne – who have both inspired me.

Did Nick Banks reveal what made him choose your portrait to win the Portraits of Distinction competition at Art in the Gardens?

He said he really liked the picture and the way it worked with the song lyrics!

Steel city favourites like Alex Turner and Jarvis Cocker have all been represented in your portraits, how do you feel about the Sheffield music scene?

I think Sheffield has produced some great bands and musicians over the years. Two of my favourites are Pulp and The Longpigs… and Joe Cocker will be greatly missed.

Any tips for aspiring artists?

You need to get your work out there for people to see. There are loads of places in Sheffield willing to display your artwork. Also, social media, I’ve sold my artwork to people in London, Glasgow and America – all through my Facebook page.

What’s next for you in 2015?

Last year I did a set of pictures called 'In the Suburbs' – which featured Sheffield musicians and where they grew up. I’ve just started doing a version featuring Mancunian musicians and bands – so I'm hoping to get them displayed later this year at a venue in Manchester.



To catch Steve’s ‘Lyric of Your Life’ exhibition, head to the Green Room by the end of February. For more information and work by Steve, check out his Facebook page here.





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One artist featured in ‘The Lyric of Your Life’ is legendary musician Bob Marley. But which of the following is a hit of his?


Three Blind Mice
Three Little Birds
Three Boats Down From the Candy


Good luck!

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