The Fontana Instincts – Carousel LP

The Basics
With a name that may or may not have anything to do with former Italian goalkeepers, The Fontana Instincts hail from just down the road in deepest, darkest Derbyshire. Describing themselves as folksy, bluesy and psychedelic, their debut record, Carousel, is released with a few weeks to spare before they fetch their sound to Tramlines.
The Verdict
The album begins in brooding fashion, ‘Night and Day’ built around a tense bass-line that pursues you throughout the song as a heavily distorted guitar trades blows with Tom Campbell’s nicotine stained vocals – it’s a voice that seems to echo around your head long after the song is finished.
For its entirety, Carousel appears to exist within its own sepia-tinted world of classic moving pictures, with a lingering sense of drama on the horizon. If ‘Night and Day’s ruminating qualities make it the introspective looking fellow sipping whiskey in the corner of a smoke filled bar, then ‘Forgotten Almost’, with a quicker tempo and pointed chorus that gathers intensity with each repetition, is the pulse racing pursuit across a dusty freeway and ‘Bad Apple’ the euphoric escape, a celebratory chunk of good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll escapism.
However, have no fear, Carousel is plenty good enough to be described outside the realm of fanciful analogy – ‘There’s a Girl’ should be cherished, a memorable piece of blues-pop that is reminiscent of Kings of Leon before they disappeared up their own holes. The slide-guitar on ‘San Antonio’ renders it dreamlike, whilst the gentle, acoustic ‘Millie’ sees Campbell transform into the choked-up troubadour – fragile, quavering but, ultimately, heart-meltingly romantic.
Relentless lead single, ‘Our David’, confirms that the band possess a sound far more at home in deep-south USA as opposed to just south of Chesterfield; at times you can almost hear the hooves in the background, the tumbler smashing against the wall… just refrain from yelping “yee-ha”, okay?

Words by Lewis Parker
‘Carousel’ is out NOW!!! Get yer mitts on it direct from the band's 'site (below) or download from Amazon or itunes.

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