The Expendabros Review

With the recent release of The Expendables 3 in cinemas, developer Free Lives has conjured up The Expendabros, a free expansion to their already generally popular title; Broforce.


A total of 10 new missions are playable featuring your favourite action heroes (or not) , including Lee Christmas, Barney Ross, Trench Mause, among others, each with their unique weapons, whether that be knives, explosives, or other deadly weaponry.


The game is ultimately a side-scrolling run ‘n’ gun with an emphasis on explosions, destructible environments, and everything in between, perfectly reflecting the film’s nature. Gameplay itself can at times be challenging but after a while, you get used to the mayhem and should be able to breeze through the various boss battles and such, collecting unlockables along the way.


Filled with non-stop action and a fast paced style of gameplay, The Expendabros will keep you on your toes, providing a healthy dose of carnage – something that's pretty much required in a game based on a film such as The Expendables 3. 


It’s mostly personal preference, but I have a hard time playing platformers with a keyboard, so fortunately there is an option to use a controller – this is nice as it allows for much smoother gameplay and the illusion you’re playing it on a console, which these types of games are played best on anyway.


Clearly a way to promote the film, The Expendabros is actually a lot of fun unlike most of these types of promotional projects. It’s very short, lasting only an hour or so, but considering it’s free, there’s not much to complain about. 




Rating: 6/10

Available: Windows / Mac

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