The Eddy Heights of Hot Soles

They're so Hot Soles right now!
Previously described as 'like being rolled down a hill in a dustbin by Little Richard', Sheffield's Hot Soles possibly eclipsed even this achievement when they were beamed across the world by Duanne Eddy as part of BBC's Octoberfest last night…
Asked to play a single song as part of cult Radio 5 show Up All Night (whose presenter Dotun Adebayo might just be Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap. Our forthcoming interview with him was full of amazing stories about playing football with Bob Marley, drinking with Tennessee Williams and the like), the rock n roll duo wound up becoming house band for Dotun's show for the evening; soundtracking the station's world record attempting 5 live-a-side game at Sheffield United's superlative Training Gigantodrome before taking part in a live satellite-link duet with Grammy Award-winning guitarist Eddy!
Undaunted by Exposed repeatedly dropping a football on his bad foot, drummer Rich told us how they came to be playing live on national radio with the real life guitar hero. “Connections. Friends in right places. It was through [Amazing, mostly-retired Sheffield DJ] Iain Hodgson, actually. Big thankyou to him. And the producer saw our Tramlines. Ian pitched him a choice of three bands and he picked us!"
The Soles broke the seal on an amazing night with a shorter version of Enlighten Me, before taking things down low with a sensitive rendition of Runaway, and finishing with a ruinous Ready to Burn. Have a listen to the latter (it's at 1:04:54 on the iPlayer) and hear if you don't think this is the best accompaniment to a cynical tackle in the 18-yard box at three am ever…
But it was the introduction (via satellite link) of surprise guest Duanne Eddy that ready saw the onion bag bulge. The iconic guitarist is already a worldwide legend for his distinctive 'twang' style and hits like 'Rebel Rouser' (although Sheffield music fans might remember Pulp's take on Peter Gunn with fondness), but its his recent collaborations with Richard Hawley that have really brought him home to Sheffield audiences.

And the highlight for many will be Dotun's inspired matchup of the two artists for a rocking back and forth improvision that had everyone cheering. Full of bluesey goodness, and with Duanne Eddy's majesterial guitar lines the perfect match for Hot Soles' Guitarist Kieran's mischievous playing it was a real treat and a truly memorable example of Octoberfest's collection of Sheffield treasures. But what now for the excited duo? Kieran is clear. “We're gonna listen to it on iPlayer with a cup of tea and some chewy bars on the go!”
Words by Rob Barker
Octoberfest continues today. Visit the 5-live website for more info (Hot Soles make a guest appearance on the 5-live-a-side Slideshow).
Want more Hot Soles? Watch the band's exclusive two track In Session at Sheffield's Yellow Arch studios here or catch our exclusive DIY directors commentary for Ready to Burn here. 

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