The Death Rays Of Ardilla @ Tramlines

Review of The Death Rays Of Ardilla at The Forum for Tramlines 2014.


Death Rays’ performance was shambolically spot on. Seemingly underprepared yet nonetheless smooth, Thomas and Nick Tietzsch-Tyler hammered their way through thirty minutes of garage psych in an early, and very sweaty, slot at The Forum. 

“Are you hot? I’m hot… no, not in that way,” Thomas sniggers to a few excited woops before the Sheffield duo slam back into another of their “death rattle rock n roll” tunes.  Making it up as they were going along the Tietzsch-Tylers appeared to agree on stage what their set list would be, before letting us know, with only ten minutes left… “Ah that’ll have to be a sh*t version of that one then.”

If this live performance was a “shi*t” version, then I’m intrigued to see a polished set. Raspy, loud, raucous and hairy, The Death Rays of Ardilla are one of those bands that are just effortlessly cool.  


Words: Rachel Heward

Photo Credit: James Shaw

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