The Crookes In Session at The Crucible

For the most part The Crookes’ second album, ‘Hold Fast’, is a brash and bold pop-music statement. Not, therefore, something you would expect to see performed in the considerably pensive surroundings of the Crucible Theatre. Well, think again…
The performance was a triumph, the band perfectly at home in the surroundings of one of Sheffield’s most iconic venues. Visually, the use of the set of Shakespeare’s Macbeth adds a slightly sinister yet stunning frame to the performance. As for the songs? The first video we’re releasing this month is for ‘Honey’, and intense, suddenly explosive number which, rather aptly, appears to be performed across two distinct acts.

Find the first video from The Crookes’ session, read our interview with the boys and view the gallery on stunning photographs from the fantastic Timm Cleasby at their 'In Session' page, here.

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