The Crookes guide to Sheffield.

The Crookes are nice young men aren't they? They've put together a little vid to help new students stay savvy in the city.
It can be fairly daunting coming to a new place for University, and while Sheffield's Student Union's are tip top, don't get stuck doing the same thing week-in week-out! There are a lot of amazing places in Sheffield and while it's always fun (ok, well, cheap) to while away some time in a Wetherspoons, you can do that anywhere. Take some advice from The Crookes, they came to Sheffield for University, started a band and now tour the world playing jolly good pop music. But, whenever they come home to their adopted city, they stray off the beaten path (in this instance, the beaten path is West Street) and sample some of the gems Sheff has to offer.
Take a gander at this video and learn from the chaps who've been there, done that and now pass on their insider knowledge to you! Sheffield is your oyster!


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