The Cribs

It seems like only yesterday that the three Jarman brothers burst onto the scene with their wry, raucous interpretation of contemporary indie. Ten years and five albums later however, has maturity affected the striking, raw appeal they have always possessed? No, not one tiny bit.
The stage is adorned with Halloween themed paraphernalia, onto which the band emerge in fancy dress – Ryan making a particularly convincing Paul Stanley from KISS.
It’s a matter of seconds before the first unmistakable Jarman roar sends bodies flailing during ‘Come On, be a No-one’, the energy in the crowd mirrored by those on stage. The set reads like a ‘best-of’; crowd favourites from across The Cribs’ back catalogue being interspersed with highlights from their latest album. Newie ‘Pure-O’ is an unexpected, intensely performed highlight and the raucous ‘Our Bovine Public’ is fitted in early to afford it the vigour it deserves. Frequently joking with the crowd and each other, the band prove to be great showmen, further displayed when Ryan leads the crowd in a touching sing-a-long of ‘It Was Only Love’.
The night ends with ‘City of Bugs’ being punctuated by the band trashing their set to cheers from their adoring public. A decade after it all started, The Cribs have used their experience to become an exhilarating live prospect – here’s to another ten years.
Lewis Parker

02 Academy Sheffield

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