The Cat Empire – 27 Oct Review

It's a Sunday night and never in all my years as a student have I seen The Leadmill so full. 


The audience, a sea of dreadlocks, top-hats and Halloween costumes are tightly packed together, chanting in anticipation for the return of the Aussie favourites. A roar of trumpets signals the start of the show – and it's suddenly clear why the audience are so excited.


Equipped with horns and charisma to spare, the band delivers their famous blend of ska, funk and jazz, playing a mix of old and new material to satisfy the crowd. Tracks from new album 'Steal The Light' are well received, an energetic mix of reggae and jazz with a distinct Latin influence, but it’s the classics 'Sly' and 'Chariot' that really get the audience going, dancing so ferociously that at one point frontman Feliz Reibl has to ask the crowd to calm down.


The gig ends with new track 'Steal The Light', a catchy and easy-on-the-ears offering which leaves the audience chanting for more. After seeing performances like this, it becomes very clear that The Cat Empire are here to stay.


Words: Amy Woodyatt

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