The Buxton Stops Here – Adam Brings BUG to Sheffield

*Whoops loudly* We were so excited about Adam Buxton’s visit to Sheffield this summer (with his BUG show, at The Crucible) that we accidentally broke DocFest’s embargo last week, had to invent a time machine to tell our previous selves to be more careful, got in a bit of a tangle with a mislaid packed lunch and set up a bunch of horrid paradoxes.
If you’re trying to read this while fighting off pterodactyls, then sorry.
Anyway, BUG – which is probably the most beloved of Mr B’s solo projects since the other half of Adam & Joe started making movies – is a blast. It’s a tour of YouTube’s most wonderful and silly places by Buxton’s Willy Wonka – full of neat spots and mad diversions. The equivalent of three-course dinner chewing gum, really. Here's a clip.

Part of what’s already looking like a really ambitious DocFest lineup for 2013, tickets are available now and we can’t wait. Visist Sheffield Theatres' website for more info. 

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