The Blackout: Hope

“Hope” picks up where “We Are the Dynamite” and “Best in Town” slowly burned out, a slew of repetitive drop tuned guitars that you’ve probably heard since the unholy spawning that was Limp Bizkit. 
The Welsh quintet sure are good at pushing that repeat button as all the “explosive” choruses are all present and called for, each with the same impact as a child’s party popper, (“Never By Your Side”, “Higher and Higher,”) all the while racing around with the burning intensity of a train journey passing through Stoke on Trent at 12 o’clock in the morning.
But still, you’ve got to give them credit for making anthemic and romantic break up songs that don’t have all the pretention and bullshit of The Script sound tracking an episode of One Tree Hill. Oh speaking of The Script, you’d probably think The Blackout were American too with their take on the American accent.  
They’re a clever bunch lyrically too chanting: “Who the fuck are you?/ This is the life I lead/I’m sick being of you” which contains all the excitement of being at a BNP protest. Fight the power boys!
By the end of the album you’ll wish to have your entire brain blacked out. It’s a horrible limbo that continues the same whining, repetitive, emo, hardcore, nu-metal…whatever you want to call it, tear shedded drivel that you heard about half an hour ago.
“Hope” would probably be perfect for torturing prisoners of war, because after hearing this, you’ll realise that there is no hope.   
Alex Yau  


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