Tell Us About Your Big Night Out

Ah the art of conversation.
We miss it. You see, we’re a bit lonely over here at Exposed. Our web team is setting up camp in the boot of a taxi somewhere so the office is a little quiet. Fancy chatting to us?
Mercury Taxis Big Night Out takeover is in full flow, and we want to know what makes up your ultimate evening out.  What’s your favourite drinking spot? Can you recommend where the best meal is for date night? If we were, heaven forbid, going to show you our best dance moves, where would you take us?  There MUST be a hilarious taxi ride or two out there…
Fill our facebook wall with recommendations; ram our twitter feed with ideas. We’re well aware you lot know best so show us the light!

Sheffield’s premier Taxi Company, Mercury Taxis is a family run business with over four hundred licensed vehicles. To make your journey memorable for all the right reasons, call them on 0114 266 2662 and follow them on twitter and facebook.

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