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*Knocks on reader's door* Doing owt? Only Keith Wilson needs your help to finish a giant art-calendar for his modern art residency in Sheffield’s S1 Artspace. If you're not busy, like…
Keith Wilson, respected art tutor and sculptor based in Sheffield and London so we can help him finish a sculpture entitled Calendar. But not just that, as part of this 2 month stay at S1 Artspace, Keith will be staging public and assess-only discussions relating to his research of the modern art movement Unit One. Founded by painter Paul Nash in 1933, Nash described the movement as ‘a compact wall against the tide, behind which development can proceed and experiment continue' and Kieth be unpicking his way through the history of his work and its context. 
On August 31st, Keith would like to show you some movies… at the 'The Locked Room' Screening Event. Namely the 1973 BBC Omnibus programme A Question of Feeling by Christopher Burstall, in which (bloody mental?) art tutors trap their students inside a studio, 'paradoxically imprisoned […] in order to liberate them', so it says here. That and other formative filmic favourites will be shown to open a window to Keith's world, ahead of the final opening of Calendar.
Finally, on September 1st, the public will be able to see Calendar, the finished article. Calendar is a set of cubic units that resemble a calendar, with flexible arrangement, that can be filled with objects, appointments or be kept empty. It is sure to be an education for budding sculptors and those interested in the thought process of a modern artist. Also for lovers of cinema, confinement and good organisation.
Email pippa@s1artspace.org to book a place at one of the aforementioned discussion groups and more information about S1 Artspace can be found at http://artsheffield.org/assets/s1-artspace/.

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