Tag-Team Makes It Easy To Get Fit As 1,2,3

What do you get if you cross a DJ and a wrestler?…  A great fitness workout app.


If that wasn't your first guess then don't worry, it wasn't ours either.


Sheffield-based international DJ, Paul Glazby, and former pro wrestler and kick boxer, Will Salt, have teamed up and released a new app for the iPhone, iPod iOS and the iPad.


Sounds like a strange tag-team but the fitness app has proven to be a success. It’s a great app for people wanting to get in, or keep in, shape and isn’t as costly as gym memberships, not to mention escaping those awkward encounters with the other sweaty people.


DJ, Glazby, is also a fitness pro and launched his own group personal training business, Prime Mover, in 2010 and the app is a replica of the classes and provide a total body workout, warm-up and cool-down for small spaces and within 30minutes.


Each workout is specifically designed to function as a game with 3 different levels to encourage novices and people of all levels of fitness.


The tag-team doesn’t sound so strange anymore and it’s never sounded so affordable and easy to get the wrestler physique, or just in shape, which ever floats your boat. 



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