T is for… The Three Cranes

Thursday March 29, 10.30pm
Mr Mercury meanders through the back roads of Sheffield to my home away from home, The Three Cranes on Queen St, a short hop down the hill from the cathedral.
The only thing bigger than my love for the place and the people here is my bar tab (honestly guys, sort it next week, trust me).
There’s a steady throng of people but ultimately the usual chilled atmosphere and top ale. Upstairs, a bunch of Warhammer –types have taken over the function room, downstairs the cathedral bell ringers have just walked in. The Three Cranes is kooky like that. Different folks, different strokes, but all equal once you’ve got a drink in hand.
A civilised catch up with staff and punters alike (along with a whiskey night cap) and it’s a short cab home. Friday tomorrow… but still U-Z to get through. Eek. 

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