Sunjay Brayne and Stilts Foster

Exposed In Session Live! Or EiSL! If there's a better way to spend a lazy Sunday evening than slipping under the radar to our regular soundtrackey night down The Forum we'd like to know about it ("Errr-" – Drinks on the Yacht Ed).
This Sunday sees two acts breeze through our regular live music showcase. First up, there's the Demetri Martin of folk, Sunjay Brayne, who's got so many songs in his pocket he has to carry his keys in his shoe. Nominated for the 2012 BBC Young Folk Artist Awards, he's a stick-like blur of fingers on the frets with tunes that recall early Tim Buckley. Vid! 

Headliner Stilts Foster was once a steelworker in Scunthorpe. Heavy metal joke etc. He's actually got a voice that'd be perfectly up to the job of knocking over girders and other metal-ey things but lucky for our Sunday night Stilts' speciality is wringing panoramic, beautifully considered tunes from a guitar.

Hosted as always by Dave Maloney, it's an informal 'roll up on the night' kind of deal. See you there.

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