Submarine (15)

The debut film from Ayoade (IT Crowds Mos) comes in the unlikely form of this beguiling coming of age caper.

Oliver Tate (Roberts) narrates the tale of his teenage (mis)adventures, be they seducing his classmate Jordana or putting a stop to the nefarious designs a local spiritualist has on his mother.
On paper, it’s hard to imagine Submarine having much going for it, as tales of this ilk have been told umpteen times before, from Adrian Mole to JD Salinger’s Holden Caulfield.
In practice however, Richard Ayoade turns what could be a fairly mediocre yarn into something altogether different. Whilst an understated Noah Taylor is pitch-perfect as Oliver’s depressive father, Considine’s turn as a mullet-sporting mystic ( is a stroke of casting genius.
The standout performances are the pair of teen leads, as Roberts perfectly channels both Mole and Caulfield, whilst Yasmin Paige’s pyromaniacal Jordana gives him plenty of reason to do so.
In all, a subtle yet utterly adorable debut from Ayoade, backed by a charming score from our very own monkey man, Alex Turner. Ace. 

James McVeigh

In it
Noah Taylor, Paddy Considine, Craig Roberts

Behind it
Richard Ayoade


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