Student Spotlight: Crookesmoor

The second instalment of our Sheffield student accommodation spotlight guide is Crookesmoor.


Crookesmoor is located near the idyllic Crookes Valley Park which circles around a lake. It’s perfect if you're looking for somewhere to serve as a relaxing retreat from the stress of university life.


With Crookesmoor being just a short walk from the University of Sheffield campus and a 20 minute walk to the city centre, it is perfect if you want a bit more calm, but without compromising on things to do.



It has some great independent local shops such as the popular Beanies, a wholesale food shop where you can buy fresh produce at great prices. Excellent if you’re a bit of a foodie. And if that tickles your fancy, you are likely to be impressed by the Dram Shop, a premier beer, wine & spirits shop which stocks some of the most interesting, rare and downright tasty tipples. The staff know their stuff so pop in, ask questions and broaden your drinking horizons.



As well as boasting some of the nicest views in the city, Crookes also has some of the best pubs, such as The Hallamshire House, which has recently been taken over by the renowned Thornbridge Brewery. Hosting regular quiz nights and housing a full sized snooker table, this place is a bit of a rarity in Sheffield.


Served by the 52 bus route, you'll be taken to and from the heart of the city centre and beyond, which is especially great for those days when you're not in the mood to tackle the hills. A fair few famous faces hail from Crookes, including Joe Cocker and Def Leppard members Joe Elliot and Rick Savage. Sheffield indie band The Crookes, whose members lived here as students took the area as their namesake and The Human League also wrote instrumental track 'The Bus To Crookes' after the 52.



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