Student Housing Horror Stories

We asked you for your student housing horror stories – horrible housemates, lazy landlords, insect infestations…


“A girl I lived with would leave used tampons on the floor in the bathroom. On purpose.” It’s our fault really, we shouldn’t have asked for student accommodation horror stories on Facebook. Bernadette is one of many students with terrible tales of life in digs – everyone who’s shared a student house has these atrocious accommodation accounts and we tracked down some of the best. Or in Bernadette’s case, the worst.


Here in the office, Nick tells us about moving into his room in halls, only to discover that the previous occupant had died in there. He asked to be moved to another room, the wimp. Then there’s the time my friend Steven’s flat got trashed and someone put a blender in the oven – he found it days later when he turned the oven on only to fill the kitchen with the smell of burning plastic.


We found countless cases of rogue animals scurrying into student digs. Scott on Facebook remembers: “I had a wasp nest in my room once and used to get woken up by their buzzing. That was fun.” Amy adds her experience with a rat in the kitchen. On the plus side, it’s nice to have a pet. A big, filthy, disease-ridden pet. Personally, there was once a bat in my flat. It flew around for a bit before a man showed up with a net.


Worse than wasps, rats and bats though, are humans. On Twitter, Sheffield’s Twisted Burger Company share this: “Lived with a 'larger', very hirsute guy in halls, who wore nowt but a threadbare dressing gown… open.” Lovely. My friend Dan lived with a guy who insisted on having sex in every room of the house, just to annoy him.


Then there are the houses themselves – my first student house had damp, mould and on one occasion a small electrical fire. Then when we asked the landlord to deal with the mould, he told us to just open a window. In winter. In a freezing house. In Sheffield.


Hooray, then, for the Pinnacles – Sheffield’s student accommodation for those who like to live stylishly and without wasps in their bed. Their en-suite bedrooms are large and mould-free, while their living quarters are open-planned and kited out with fancy TVs and super quick internet which you can enjoy whilst relaxing on the comfy sofas. It’s stress free living too – if you’re in despair over a broken microwave or a busted boiler (as in our offices currently) there’s 24/7 onsite support to fix anything. They can’t promise fat men won’t walk around with their privates out though.


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To find out more about The Pinnacles Student Accommodation head to or call 0114 275 6459 (9am-6pm).


Words: Dan Meier



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