Story Bored? Come Scribble At Harland Cafe

Nestled like a songbird in Sheffield's music district, Harland Cafe on John Street is holding the first 'Scribble Night' on February 28th, an evening made for Sheff's story scribblers and listeners alike…
Sheffield-dwellers are a literate lot. The sirlion of our sonic legends are known for 'wordy', articulate and cleverly written vignettes and social dissections almost as much as their tunes. A generalisation of course, but the acclaim of songwriters such as Jarvis Cocker and Alex Turner have captured something uniquely Sheffieldian within their wry tales – leaving Sheffield untanglably wrapped upin its musical output. The buck (no pun intended) doesn't stop there though, and the next slice of Sheffield could come from just about anywhere – as a story, a poem or a song.
Wherever your writing impulse leads you, the new 'Scribble Night' at Harland Cafe (not far from 2Fly Studios) is there to give an outlet for all Sheffield scribblers and story-lovers. This ain't no Greenwich Village-style closed community, and you don't need to be Allen Ginsburg to get on the bill – simply get in contact through the Scribble Twitter account, phone or sent an email to them here and put your name down. If you're not a writer yourself then come down for cake, coffee and local writing talent. Got a story? Then get it heard with Harland Cafe.
Scribble Night will be opening its doors between 7-9pm on 28th February, and you can check out the Harland Cafe website or get in touch through @SheffieldWrite to get your slot on the bill. Don't worry, entries free to all!

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