Steel Trees @ The Lughole

If you’ve got an ear to the ground in Sheffield you might have heard about The Lughole – an underground venue that’s been putting on DIY events since the turn of the year.


Gig info is spread cautiously on Facebook, or through good old word of mouth, and bringing your own bottle is encouraged. When Exposed went down for a shufty, the line-up for the night was pretty diverse.


First up, Monoking – a bunch of young lads who had an Arctic Monkeys-esque sound – but with a synth thrown in for good measure. Then, The Recordists – conjuring up images of a noisier The Strokes with wilder vocals.



Third band on were Steel Trees, who filled the room with grunge, fuzz and a boatload of energy. Their drummer is definitely of the John Bonham school of thought when it comes to volume – and their vocalist stepped down into the crowd for an up close and personal experience. It turned out to be the drummer’s birthday to – so a big cake was passed around with everyone encouraged to grab a fistful of sponge, jam and icing. Last on were Black Earth, who have quite a unique, if jarring, sound. They list QoTSA and Joy Division as two big influences – and it makes for a haunting and mysterious combination.



All in all, a top night with a real sense of community. Great to see.



Words: Joe E. Allen. Images: Harley Young

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