Steel City Gamers… World Beaters

You find lots of games in casinos – poker, roulette, slot machines and the like – but would you expect the latest videogames?
The sound of coins dropping and roulette wheels was accompanied by the gunfire and mortars when two Sheffield gamers smashed the world record for the longest marathon of first-person shooter Modern Warfare 3 at G Casino Sheffield recently. Beginning on a quiet Sunday morning, Paul Haythorne and Matt Kirkwood, threw grenades, shot sub-machine guns and fired flamethrowers for the next two and half days to set a new World record of just over 60 hours of gameplay. McNabb-tastic!
Guinness World Records, the authority on these matters, sent the guys a set of rules as thick as the Yellow Pages to follow for their record to be legitimate. This was the team's second attempt at breaking the record, their first effort having been hijacked by a fifth columnist, and everyone had to make sure to take breaks every hour before their eyes went square.  
Getting only about half an hour’s sleep between them in the entire record was a hard test for the guys. (Surprisingly, the lads were still more awake and alert than some other casino go-er's). Paul's complete lack of sleep did result in  “reactions going up, but aiming’s going down.”

And there was a great cause above and beyond sorting out Paul and Matt's Gamerscores, with the team successfully raising a thousand pounds though sponsorship – to be split between Marie Curie Cancer Care and local charity Hope for Niamh.
Hosts G Casino were more welcoming than a troop of task force 141, supplying the location, hardware and recordings from their security feed. Since hosting a world record breaking event, G Casino  are now running monthly tournaments. The next event will be held on Sunday 25th of March and is a COD: MW3 event. Top prize is £100, though you will have to beat the new world record holders who will be in attendance. Feel lucky?

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