Staff Pick: Spector

Every year – every bloomin’ year – one or two bands are peddled to fill the yearning, guitar shaped hole in our souls. Our last couple of journeys around the sun have seen the likes of Two Door Cinema Club and the Vaccines touted as poster boys for yet another guitar-band revival – and soon dismissed a few months down the line.
Spector were that band for 2012.
However, lay down your vicious daggers of scepticism, as these architects of Duracell powered post-Strokes racket could, just perhaps, be the real deal. Led by the charismatic Frederick Macpherson (his new year’s resolution was to be more obnoxious), sheer guile alone could see them do more than just make up the numbers on the musical landscape – and all this before we’ve even got to the music. Simply put, their debut LP ‘Enjoy it While it Lasts’ sounds like a lost gem from those halcyon days before people started singing the praises of The Pigeon Detectives, and things spiralled downwards thereon. ‘Chevy Thunder’ in particular boasts several rousing fists-in-the-air, scream at the stage moments.
Indie by numbers? Pah!
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