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Lockdown gave many the opportunity to re-evaluate their lifestyles, but now that things are almost back to normal and the sound of Joe Wicks’ voice is but a distant memory, we mustn’t neglect the importance of prioritising a healthy body and mind. This is where Sheffield-based natural supplement company Hippie Turtle Herbal Co can help.

Hippie Turtle


They are a proudly Sheffield health and wellbeing brand, centred on delivering natural supplements and CBD products that are eco-friendly as well as effective. Their ethos is to nourish all aspects of wellness – mind, body and soul – with products that don’t cost the earth, or damage it either!

Hippie Turtle Herbal Co was born out of necessity when Ash – the company’s director and founder – received a diagnosis of ankylosing spondylitis, a form of rheumatoid arthritis affecting the SI joint, spine and other joints.

“I went from riding BMX all the time, hiking and being super active to having trouble just walking around the house and performing very simple movements. I quickly decided that a lifelong dependency on immune-suppressing drugs wasn’t the path I wanted to take. So, I began a long road to recovery, determined to learn as much about natural pain relief options as possible.

Hippie Turtle

“CBD played a huge part in my recovery process, and I began to experiment with different ways of using it, such as making bath bombs and muscle rubs. Not only did the resulting products help me physically, but the learning process itself offered great mental stimulation, helping to distract me from the pain.
“After a short while, it became clear that these products were gathering a lot of interest and could help so many other people. The name came later, after watching my tortoise Sheldon strut around the house.”

Originally founded in 2021, these guys successfully launched their first crowdfunding campaign on seedrs.com earlier this year. The company’s founder, Ash, said of its success: “We were oversubscribed with 176 investors to support the brand with upcoming marketing campaigns and the development of new products.”
They’ve since updated their website and developed three new nootropic gummy supplements. All of that hard work is now beginning to pay off, with Hippie Turtle Herbal Co recently being shortlisted for Start-Up Business of the Year at the Sheffield Business Awards 2022.

Hippie Turtle


From CBD muscle rubs to tasty nootropic gummies, Hippie Turtle has something for every lifestyle. All of their products are tried and tested by professional athletes across a whole range of disciplines, from extreme action sports such as BMX and skateboarding to mindful practices such as yoga.

There is so much more that can be achieved when we feel our best, which is why Hippie Turtle aims to encompass many different aspects of wellness in their product formulations, each one designed to enhance your everyday experience.

The bold, colourful branding appeals to all ages and genders and can be attributed to their local in-house graphic designer and street artist, Mila K. The company’s copywriter, Kaya, explains further: “As a brand, we are not about body image, muscle gain or weight loss; we’re about what’s inside – both physically and mentally.”

Hippie Turtle


Absolutely. Hippie Turtle Herbal Co are committed to using only natural and, wherever possible, organic ingredients. Protecting the planet and being a responsible, conscious business is paramount considering the current climate (pun intended), and sustainability is at the heart of what Hippie Turtle do! Their ingredients are responsibly sourced, and all packaging can be easily recycled from home.

The business is independently operated by a small team comprised of local people, all of whom are equally engaged in providing quality products whilst maintaining the health of the planet. In fact, they’re currently working on a project to remove plastic from the ocean with every order they process, so keep an eye our on their socials and pick up the next Exposed Mag for the full lowdown on that!

To view their wide-ranging collection online, head to hippieturtleherbalco.co.uk or give them a nudge on socials here.

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