Spiritualized – Sweet Heart Sweet Light LP

The Basics
Spiritualized frontman J. Spaceman launches their seventh studio album into orbit. 'Sweet Heart Sweet Light' is a welcome return to the spaced-out psychedelic gospel inspired by their critically lauded album Ladies and Gentlemen ….We Are Floating in Space.
The Verdict
The intro, Huh?, is a short and shimmering orchestral tranquilizer burst by the crunching garage swagger of single ‘Hey Jane’. With a nod to Lou Reed this soaring nine minute drone changes gear midway and reconciles with uplifting hymn like gospel.
The pretext to this album was one of a more ‘poppy’ approach and track like ‘Hey Little Girl’ and ‘Too Late’ explore a more traditional song structure than some of the Spaceman's previous work. Nearly all drug references are dissipated  into soul searching with a vocal style somewhere between Brian Wilson and Daniel Johnson on the gospel tracks ‘Freedom’, ‘Life is a problem’ and the beautifully stark ‘So Long You Pretty Things’. But it is with their signature free-jazz drones that Sweet Heart truly takes flight with the blissfully psychedelic ‘Headin’ for the Top Now’ and the stand out, darkly smokin’ R’n’B track ‘I am what I am’. Music from the Heavens.
Words by Andy Hunt

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