Spice is the Variety of Life! Exposed vs Treasure Hunt

Each month, Exposed takes on the experts at their own game. So, whether it's gambling against Napoleons or trying to out muscle the fitness freaks at Fitness Unlimited, we're always up for the challenge. This month we join social, adventure and activity group, Spice for an iPhone treasure hunt…

It's Sunday afternoon and Exposed finds itself in the pub. Cavells on High Street to be precise. No surprise there, you may think, but for once we're not here to see whether black Sambuca is more potent than white, but rather to hook up with some of the regulars at the Yorkshire branch of Spice, a social club for folk looking to do exciting and interesting things with their spare time.
Occasionally, some of the members may end up hooking up, but it's not a singles club, more a place people can come to meet likeminded people and have a bit of fun doing stuff they wouldn't normally do.
So it's right up Exposed's street. We're always on the lookout for new ways of letting our hair down, but given the choice of tandem skydiving and beginners kayaking, we decided to go for something a bit more sedate – an iPhone treasure hunt.
The only problem is, the app has broken down. The idea is that you're fed clues to locations around Sheffield city centre and, if you need help, you can get hints and pictures from the app.
But there's no stress, Sandra Willis, Spice Yorkshire's co-ordinator has prepared for every eventuality and put together a more traditional paper version herself – so we're all systems go.
There's three teams in total, and our task is simple; we need to win to take home the spoils.
There are 16 clues to solve and each team starts with 6000 points. We're allowed to text twice for an extra clue (each one will cost us 25 points) or we can get a picture clue (that's a 75 point penalty though). Finally, any wrong or incorrect answers will cost a whopping 250 points. There's no prizes for getting home first, but we are all expected to take no longer than an hour and a half.
And I'm in confident mood. My team mates, accounts guru Claudia and Head of Sales Steve both live in town, so I'm blessed with some serious local expertise. There isn't a jennel or side road these guys haven't stumbled down drunkenly gnawing at a kebab.
We kick off with a nice easy one. In fact, the clue leads us no further than a rack of leaflets near the pub toilet and we're off and running in quick style.
The next clue takes us to the back of The Star building and already Steve is demonstrating a hidden talent; he seems to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of stuff that's written on buildings. Not something to brag about down the pub, but damn useful today.
30 minutes in and we're flying. Six clues down and we've noticed both other teams traipsing around areas we've already covered. Smugness is setting in. After a wasted 20 minutes trying to find out where The Full Monty figures are on Fargate, we ask for a first clue. It's a mobile phone offer we're told, and after scouring shop windows, we soon discover the right one.

Back on track, Steve is on fire again, tracking down 'grandad' on a table plan in a shop window on Chapel Walk. What this guy does in his spare time is anyone's guess. Eventually I come to the party by laboriously counting the number of fountains in the Peace Gardens (there's 89 if you're interested). With 16 clues to solve, it's a minor contribution, but at least it feels like it was worth me turning up.
With time running out, we decide to guess a couple of the last clues, so as not to be late.
We get back first, which despite not being worth anything in itself, does indicate we're ahead of the game. The other teams are soon back mind, but all the head scratching going on is starting to fill me with confidence. We've only asked for a couple of clues, while they have both needed a lot more help, so chances are we're either totally winging it, or Steve's twisted eye for detail has got us through.
The points are in and it's the news we wanted. Exposed has walked it, winning by close to 1000 points. We got just two wrong and, combined with our lack of assistance, it means the chocolate medals and mini bottles of wine are ours for keeps.
Slightly embarrassingly, I punch the air in delight, but thankfully resist from chanting "Loser, loser!" to the two Spice teams. 
Who says this whole Exposed Vs thing is just a bit of fun?
Spice is a social, adventure and activity group with over 10,000 members nationwide and an action-packed range of monthly activities. In June, the calendar includes skydiving, beach BBQs, trips to the theatre and loads more. To see the full calendar of events and to find out more head to www.spiceyorks.com
Words and Pics: Phil Turner

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