Spandau Ballet Review

Spandau Ballet at the Motorpoint Arena 06.03.2015


Of all the words that have been used in connection with Spandau Ballet over the years, there's always been one everyone can agree on – 'hits'. The '80s icons have absolutely reams of them, and thirty years on they're all still inescapable. It's no surprise at all then that the Londoners are still packing out arenas in 2015, and on this March evening the Motorpoint Arena played host to this guilty pleasure flavoured slice of fun.


Longtime friend of the band and legendary New Romantic DJ Rusty Egan provided the warm-up for the night, before the five-piece entered with a piece of fresh material in the nostalgic 'Soul Boy', bringing an all-seated crowd to its feet.


A minimalist stage with projections on a curtain, including a tribute to the late Steve Strange, provided the backdrop. But with instantly recognisable song after instantly recognisable song, the music easily spoke for itself, whether it be in the anthemic 'Only When You Leave' or the pounding 'To Cut A Long Story Short'.



The oft-overlooked variety in the back catalogue of the “Soul boys of the western world“ was very much on show, with more rough-edged synthy material from their early days rousing just as much of a cheer from their matured yet excitable fans.


A short duet of Hadley and Gary Kemp provided perhaps the most memorable part of the night, surprising all by appearing in a circle stage in the middle of the floor and belting out 'Glow', 'Empty Spaces' and a short snippet of 'Gold' before making their way back to the main stage in a style reminiscent of a boxer entering the ring.

But any fight for the hearts of all in attendance had clearly been won many years ago, and in true Spandau style, they kept their devotees waiting right until the end for the singalong laced medley of 'True', 'Through the Barricades' and 'Gold' that everyone had clearly been waiting for.


Putting years of in-fighting well in the past, the catchiest group in the world are back for good. And what's more, you can tell they're loving it – as is (it seems) everyone else.


Hopefully it isn't a long wait until the gold is brought back to steel city once again.


Words by Benedict Tetzlaff – Deas

Photos by Harley Young


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