Source Code (12A)

Source Code (12A)
DVD Release: 15th August 2011
Director: Duncan Jones
Cast: Jake Gyllenhall, Michelle Monaghan, Jeffrey Wright 
DVD is most likely the perfect home for Source Code. Low on big-screen spectacle, and high on re-watch factor, it deserves to be viewed a number of times in order to be fully appreciated. Pithily described as 'Inception-lite' this is in reference to the lack of big scale set pieces and starry cast, rather than its ability to challenge the grey matter. 
Captain Colter Stevens (Gyllenhall) is killed when a train explodes outside Chicago, only to wake up and discover he must repeatedly go back in time to ascertain the source of the explosion. In the process, he meets Christina (Monaghan), a familiar commuter, and gradually uncovers more and more disturbing truths. It's an intriguing premise, brought to life by Duncan Jones, the mastermind behind 2009's excellent sci-fi mind-bender, Moon. Despite being asked to watch the same eight minutes a multitude of times, the action never becomes familiar, aided by Gyllenhall's engaging central performance and some neat twists and turns. 

The finale will certainly divide audiences, but given time, and repeat viewings, niggling concerns over consistency are reconciled and contribute to a more fulfilling viewing experience. For those who were lovingly brought up on Quantum Leap and Star Trek's more perplexing episodes, Source Code is a thoughtful and engaging treat, and hopefully marks the development of more challenging material for the cinema-goer. 
Words by Ali Bianchi.


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