Sole Music – Ready to Burn Director's Commentary

So incendiary it comes with a free bucket of sand, Hot Soles' debut single 'Ready to Burn' sizzles…
The band released the amazing video – directed by regular In Session filmmaker Mark Bull – earlier this week and it's like being rolled down a hill in a dustbin by Little Richard.   
With the single available to download from 28th May, we sat down with Hot Soles' Kieran and Rich as well as Mark  – to record an exclusive director's commentary (below) full of reverse moonwalks, Tina Turner tributes and guest appearances by the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man and a cartoon tallywhacker.  

Cue up the video (below) and press play when Kieran counts you in on the commentary!

Ready to Burn is released on 28th May. Visit the Hot Soles Facebook page here.

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