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You, flock of seagulls. You know why we're here?
A new Quentin Tarantino movie, that's why! Always a cause for celebration – especially when you’re the greatest indie cinema in Sheffieldshire – so we thought we’d bring together three of The Showroom’s biggest QT fans (one of which was a mere Tarantinotot when Mr Brown was busy being rubbish at getaways) for a Mexican standoff in the city’s fave cinema and a bit of a chat about Django Unchained (well, how to pronounce it at least) and the rest of Mr Tarantino’s playlist of bloody, funny flicks.
Meet Simon, Danielle (who arrived dressed as Uma Thurman's character from Tarantino classic Pulp Fiction. We were impressed) and JP, who’ll be your host for this amazing, awesome pumping powerhouse of a chat…
Exposed – Lady and gents. So is it ‘Jango’ Unchained or Deeyango Unchained?
Danielle – Jango. ‘The ‘D’ is silent but payback won’t be.’
JP – Although technically wouldn’t that make it ‘Jango Unchainé’?
Exposed – Which is the name of my French-Mexican penpal, coincidentally!
JP – Hey, always good to start a Tarantino chat with a bit of friendly jingoism! Or Djingoism.

Exposed – Nice! This is the first Tarantino since Inglorious Basterds though. We haven’t seen it yet but you’re all here cos you’re fans. How did that start?
Danielle – I was only five when Reservoir Dogs came out so I’ve caught the second wave of Tarantino really. Pulp Fiction was my first cheeky 18 certificate film. I was just 14 when I saw it on VHS. The first 18 cert I saw in the cinema was Kill Bill too.
JP – For me it was seeing Reservoir Dogs in me local cinema – the Empire in Consett, County Durham – a cinema I later managed. It was billed as being the most violent thing you’ll have ever seen. So I was all, “I bet you it isn’t! Challenge accepted!”
 Si – Well back in ‘92 I was working for Blockbuster Video here in Sheffield. Neat connection with Tarantino there cos he started in a video shop of course. I saw Reservoir Dogs in a cinema across the way I wound up managing four years later. Saw it on the Monday, went to see it again on the Tuesday. It’s the soundtrack, the way it was shot. It was mindblowing at the time and it still is.
Well you’ve mentioned a few key Tarantino wins there. What’s the attraction?
Si – The script, the dialogue. Everyone’s copying his huge casts, quickfire dialogue, use of language. He’s always pushing at barriers.
JP – In the beginning what I really liked was that despite being billed as ultraviolent I think Tarantino is responsibly violent. People get shot and it really hurts for the whole film. He’s constantly making you question what you like.
Exposed – He’s interested in a dialogue with the audience. A snappy dialogue. Hugely influential of course.
Si – But because you’ve got Tarantino you’ve got Eli Roth.
JP – You can’t blame him for that. I mean you can’t have Oasis without The Beatles but it’s not The Beatles fault! (Laughter)

(l-r) Si, Danielle and JP from The Showroom
Exposed – Favourite scenes then? QT likes to make a scene in both senses of the word doesn’t he?
JP – I think my favourite part of Reservoir Dogs is the moment where you realise the cop who’s been tortured did know the identity of the mole.
Si – Any scene between John Travolta and Samuel Jackson in Pulp Fiction. I could just watch a whole movie of that dialogue – the Royale with Cheese, the foot massage, cleaning up the car… You know there’s a whole thing about characters being linked between the films?
Si – Aye, Alabama from True Romance is mentioned in Reservoir Dogs. John Travolta’s Vince Vega in Pulp Fiction – and Michael Madsen’s Mr Blonde Reservoir Dogs are meant to be related.
Exposed – What was the link in Inglorious Basterds? Isn’t the Bear Jew related to someone in the Tarantino-verse? Can’t… Remember… (EDIT – It was Brad Pitt’s character Aldo Raine, who’s meant to be the great grandfather of Floyd from True Romance – also played by Brad Pitt) (EDIT EDIT – No wait! Eli Roth’s character, Sgt. Donnie Donowitz is the father of the film producer character Lee Donowitz in True Romance.) Right! Who fancies a Tarantino quiz? First to buzz…
1. Which of the following was NOT identified by Quentin Tarantino as one of his top ten films.
a). Taxi Driver
b). Dazed & Confused
c). Police Academy
JP – Police Academy’s got to be in there!
Si buzzes.
Si – I’ve got to say Police Academy was not in there.
Exposed – And that’s a point to Si!
2. What is Quentin’s middle name?
a). Jerome
c). Raffles
JP – I’m going to go for Raffles because that what I want it to be.
Si – I’m having Flynn.
Danielle – Jerome.
Exposed – Point to Danielle.
3. Which of the following films has QT NOT cameod in?
a). Diary of the Dead
b). White Chicks
c). Little Nicky
Si – White Chicks!

Exposed – Another Point to Si.
Si – Can I throw a question in there? Before Reservoir Dogs, Tarantino appeared in a massive 80’s sitcom as an Elvis impersonator. What was it?
(You can drop us a line with your answer to this one and win a pair of ticks to Django Unchained courtesy of The Showroom here, readers).
Exposed – Time for some quick fire questions. Which QT character are you most like?
Si – I would say Mr White because of his anger problems. I can relate to that.
Danielle – I’m gonna go straight in there with The Bride [from Kill Bill]. I’m alright, but cross me and you’re a dead man.
JP – Based on the fact that as I child I was raised in a cult I’m gonna go with Tarantino’s character in Little Nicky. A preacher with no pupils.
Exposed – I’m gonna just let that fly. So we’ve had a Tarantino war movie, now a Tarantino western – what next for our well-chinned hero?
JP – Science fiction. I want him to helm the next Star Wars.
Danielle – If he did space it'd turn into something very camp and 70’s. What about a gangster film?
Si – I’d love to see him do a gritty 70’s Scorsese-style mob film.
JP –  Talking of Scorsese, I’d like to see him do a take on Hugo. A film about film, like Cinema Paradiso.
Danielle – I want a musical cos I want to see that dialogue being sung!
Listen to the full interview here, where we discuss JP’s idea for a Tarantino version of The Producers and also rake a few theories of what’s in the suitcase in Pulp Fiction over the coals.
Django Unchained is at The Showroom now.
Photography by Marek Payne on location at The Showroom Cinema, Sheffield.

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