Snappy Dialogue – Hughes Da Man

Does Barry Manilow know you raided his closet?
Well, we're a little short on threads since riddling our suits with bullets at last month's Tarantino natter. While they're with the cleaner, it's time for another chat with a selection of The Showroom's silver tongued film fans – this time on teen movie king John Hughes!
Hughes’ The Breakfast Club (trailer) is this week’s Cult Tuesday selection at The Showroom and we cover the great man’s movies from Pretty in Pink to Planes, Trains and Automobile in a podcast that's more entertaining than a night in the cells with Charlie Sheen.
This time out we’re joined again by JP and Si (Danielle doesn’t like John Hughes) from The Showroom, plus new challenger Nigel from Something Astronomical to find out how Ferris Bueller can help you bunk school (“Don’t bunk school” – Exposed Legal Team), how Judd Nelson got Si through junior high, how to spot a John Hughes film and how JP’s 'jumble sale that’s been left in the rain' look (above, sorry about burning your eyes) is actually an attempt to represent every character in every John Hughes movie ever.

The Breakfast Club is The Showroom’s Cult Tuesday flick at 8.30pm. Click here for more info. 

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