Slow Club @ Queens Social Club – 12th December

Introducing Slow Club 3.0. How Slow Club aren't massive baffles me. Their debut, Yeah, So was ramshackled folk that certainly wasn't as frivolous as its title protests, then they upped the gear on its follow-up, Paradise as the Sheffield duo became a band, leading to more elaborate even tunes, without losing the charm that first captured my heart on their early releases.


It has been seven years since Rebecca Taylor and Charles Watson hooked up and became Slow Club, boy have they come on in leaps and bounds. Nowadays, although this is still the Sheffield pair’s baby they look and sound more like a band.


Having already performed a one-off show at the Cathedral last month the band added a date at the Queens Social Club to fill demand whilst rounding off their Christmas tour. It was a seventy-five minute set which saw the band, currently a five-piece rattle through material from their first two records, a couple off their Christmas EP and a handful of newies that shone, all lead by Rebecca who has become a brilliant front-woman whilst Charles plays the wing-man role brilliantly. Rebecca has always had a captivating stage presence with her chatty broad accent and bags full of enthusiasm but these days she has become a tour-de-force with her powerful vocals that can be delicate when needed, she can thrash on a guitar, smashes the shit out of the drums when needed or simply strolls around the stage with mic in hand, all eyes are on her, this is her pop moment. Don't take anything away from Charles though, he is equally important in this act, the work-horse who keeps things calm and concise.


When a band plays new songs at gigs it can become tiresome but not when they are this good. The Queens Social crowd were treated to a good chunk of tunes for the third record that ranged from the sublime pop masterpiece Suffering Me, Suffering You to the tender Jenny Lewis-esq Not Mine To Love. Old favourites brought familiarity to the set, Two Cousins was joyous whilst Beginners felt celebratory. A rare moment came towards the end when Yeah, So's Our Most Brilliant Friends and Giving Up On Love had unexpected outings, causing the crowd to dance like it was NYE only for the encore to bring festivity with It's Christmas And Your And Boring Me, closing with Darlene Love cover, Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).


This will be the last we will see of Slow Club in 2013 but 2014 could be a huge one.



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