Slava's Snow Show – The Lyceum – 22nd November

The Lyceum has been taken over by a group of Russian clowns! Slava's Snow Show has been wowing audience's around the globe for fifteen years, it has had been performed on Broadway more than any other production, gained a word-of-mouth reputation and its UK tour fell in the Steel City this week.


Christmas is on its way, it is cold outside, we've even had a bit of snow so what better way to spend a Friday night in the spectacular Lyceum Theatre  entranced by avant garde performers attracting the crowd to step into their weird but wonderful world.


The Snow Show isn't like anything I've witnessed before. Bizarre is an understatement. Magical, dreamlike, bonkers are just a few words to sum up this short but sweet show. This is Slava Polunin, a Russian Clown and founder of the Academy of Fools most mainstream piece and it is still pretty mental as it merges a variety of performance techniques to keep the audience of their toes. There is mime which brings humour, crowd interaction when the clowns invade the seated audience and constant explosions of confetti, colours and joy that make up for the lack in story line.


This might have only lasted 75 minutes but it was a fun packed 75 minutes gorged with chaotic entertainment leaving everybody's minds blown. However vivid your imagination, this will no doubt test it! Snow has never seemed so celebratory. 

Lyceum Theatre

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