Skaters @ Leadmill

It's never easy being the support band, especially when said band is still relatively unknown. The job in hand wasn't made any easier on the opening night of the Deap Vally tour as jet-lag and sound issues were prominent but failed to faze New York hot shots Skaters.


The five piece based in Brooklyn have an air of cool about them, sharing similar vibes to The Strokes on stage as they powered through despite a reluctant crowd. Since forming a couple of years back the band have caused waves of excitement on both sides of the Atlantic and it is easy to see why.


In just thirty minutes the band, who include Yorkshireman and former Paddington Josh Hubbard played the punchy new single Deadbolt and irresistible toe-tapper I Wanna Dance (but I don't know how) winning over the Leadmill crowd. Few words were spoken but the chemistry on stage was clearly visible as they egged each other on, enthusiastically hammering at their instruments. The set concluded with Schemers which was the launch pad for the band when they released their debut EP last year. Manhattan, the bands forthcoming album is out in February.


By the time the headliners were due on the room had filled up with mostly 'blokes'. Deap Vally make a hell of a lot of noise for two girls but their White Stripes-y blues lacked any real spark or anything memorable. They weren't bad but there was nothing noteworthy in there.


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