Sigur Rós' Inni Visits Showroom

Fittingly for a band whose music moves so adeptly between heartbreakingly intimate and toweringly huge, Sigur Rós's new film Inni seems to be an under the radar release that's quietly building a massive itinerary of screenings.
With a schedule built through fan requests, Inni is quite the catch for Sheffield's Showroom cinema. The revered four piece are currently working on a new album after a haitus and the startlingly shot live film looks to draw an exquisitely noisy and visually stunning veil on the first decade of the band's music.
"We had various tweets and enquiries through from customers about the screening, asking if we were going to be doing it and if we had seen the website that was up, allowing fans to recommend screening venues,"  Showroom Senior Programmer Joan Parsons explains. "Our marketing officer suggested lots of people were contacting the cinema asking if we were screening it and after we had received all these enquiries, we were contacted by the distributors of the film and asked if we would be interested in hosting a screening in Sheffield! We're very flattered that people have recommended us.
Inni will be screened at The Showroom, Sheffield at 8.30pm Wednesday 9th November. The Showroom are encouraging tweets from audience members on the night. Drop them an @ using the hashtag #inni and tell them about your Inni experiences!
Book tickets direct from The Showroom at the Inni page on their website. 

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