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Oh ho ho, today is a good day. As part of Mercury Taxi’s Big Night Out web takeover, we’ve been asking around the office for some hilarious night out stories (taxis are crucial to a night out right? Tenuous link, this is not) and shamefaced, the Exposed Office has offered up some absolute corkers.
How about the time our quiet and lovely intern Jenny (so we were lead to believe), went wild at the Christmas party and did a pole dance before puking down her coat?  Classic.
Or perhaps this will give you a belly laugh. Lauren from marketing was out with her pals on Eccy Road, when her friend text to say she’d pulled at the bar. After nipping to the loo, Loz returned to find her mate chatting up her Dad! Cringe. Though her dad got a round of drinks in so overall, not a terrible evening!
DQ, one of our favourite late night party venues. But were you there when Matt Helders of  T’Monkeys fame got so inebriated he decided it was a good idea to chuck a toilet off the roof whilst at Threads, leading to a life time ban from the club? He is just SO Rock N (toilet) Roll.
 How we’ve laughed. But we reckon you can do better! Get in touch: we want hilarious stories from your night out antics. Best of all, the story we like best will win 2 Free Games of LaserQuest for up to four people  with a soft drink at Laser Quest Valley Centertainment   and a VIP night out at Embrace, complete with booth, Q Jump and free entry.. Oh, and don’t forget free taxis there and back!
For a chance to win the good times, Tweet us your stories or post them on the Exposed Facebook Wall.

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