Shindig At The Crucible

A big birthday bash is on the cards for the Crucible’s 40th, but while most party with a cake, Daniel Evans, the artistic director has revealed the top secret autumn line up.
Among them, Shakespeare’s tragedy Othello, with The Wire stars, Clarke Peters and Dominic West as Othello and Iago.
By November, the official anniversary, the entire building will be a hive of activity especially as East Midlands Trains First Time Fridays is launched, meaning you can get into the Crucible and work on the stage for just 40p. But hurry, there’s only 40 available, 40 because it’s the theatre’s 40th – clever huh?
For all you budding actors, Sheffield People’s Theatre is holding open auditions for anyone 12 and over, you can expect to have your talent nurtured and skills developed.
This season Othello is available for those 40p tickets. Head to for more, or call 0114 249 6000 to book tickets.

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