Sheftival: Hot Picks

Calling all festival lovers – Sheftival is coming!
The full and rather juicy line up was announced at the start of July, and we’ve been salivating ever since. Sure, this is partly down to the thought of the Jamaican jerk BBQ, but it’s got even more to do with Sheftivals musical feast. Cast your eyes over our hot picks for the weekend…

Who: Stooshe
What: Shameless soulful pop fun
When and Where: Saturday on the Main Stage
With not one but two top-five singles, a BBC Sound of 2012 nomination and an upcoming slot supporting Nicki Minaj on the UK leg of her world tour under their communal belt, Stooshe aren’t doing half bad. Actually, they’re doing pretty damn well. That might be because these three young ladies have a knack for making catchy pop with enough soul to set them apart and make them, well, credible. With an imminent album release that promises to bring us more high-end pop from this up and coming girl band, now is the time to catch them!

Who: Toots & the Maytals
What: Reggae legends
When and Where: Saturday headliners on the JuJu Club Stage
What can we say about these godfathers of reggae? Formed by frontman Toots Hibbert in the 1960s, they’ve taken the world by storm. Best known for tracks like ‘Monkey Man’ and ‘Pressure Drop’ these guys are serious leg-ends. Toots himself was even credited with giving reggae its name in their song ‘Do The Reggay’ and over the years has collaborated with mega-artists like Eric Clapton, Willie Nelson, Shaggy and Lou Reed. This one’s going to be a stonker – are you reggae?? (Please excuse all terrible puns.)
Oh, and whilst you’re at it, why not have a butchers at our interview with the man himself.

Who: Youngsta
What: Rinse & FWD resident dubstep extraordinaire
When and Where: Saturday evening in the Monkey Bump Dance Stage
If you’re more electronically inclined, then the Monkey Bump Dance Stage is going to make you feel reet at home. The line up’s absolutely rammed with local DJ-ing talent, but not-so-local Youngsta is no exception. This Londoner has a bit of a rep’ for his top-notch mixing skills and a musical style that pays tribute to the deeper, darker side of dubstep. He’s already a veteran resident at huge dupstep radio station Rinse, and one of the founding fathers of the dubstep scene. His sets at FWD>> and early DMZ nights showcased the sound that was to take over the world of dance music, from the very start. Don’t miss your chance to see this dubstep big-hitter – and do the monkey bump aaaaaall night (whatever the monkey bump actually is, your guess is as good as ours).

Who: Errr, lots of people actually – including Blue Lip Feel, Seize the Chair, The Payroll Union, Alvarez Kings and more!
What: Nautical and musical niceness
Where: The Buskers Barge
Arrrrr, thar she blows!!! Come m’hearties, and board the buskers barge, bound for musical delight on the high seas. Well, on the canals of Sheffield anyway! This wacky addition to the Sheftival line up will be taking you land-folk on a forty minute trip around Sheffield’s historic waterways, and giving you the chance to soak up some top (some might even say ship-shape) musical talent. Beaut, all abord!

Who: Kanda Bongo Man
What: Congolese Soukous from a proper pro
When and where: Sunday at 7pm on the JuJu Club Stage
Kanda Bongo Man is without a doubt one of biggest stars of African music – and he’s coming all the way to our town! The Soukous pioneer was loved by music legend John Peel and has played for Nelson Mandela, not too shabby eh? With music driven by happiness and optimism, it’s easy to let Kanda Bongo Mans African gentle lilts wash you away. Perfection for a Sunday evening.
For the full line up and more info head to the Sheftival website. The festival takes place on 4th and 5th August, and you can get yer sen tickets here!

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