Sheffield's Sweet'Art

The Old Sweet Shop, dubbed TOSS, has now turned a ripe-old six. So to celebrate, Nick Deakin has set himself up in T'old Shop with a brand new collection…
You never grow out of sweets. There's always a fire in your belly for Fire Balls, breakfasting doesn't feel quite complete without a Fried Egg, and Palma Violets will have their haters 'til the Mayans correctly predict someit. But there's another obsession that starts in childhood and never leaves us: a love of pretty pictures. Exploiting the powers of mental association, The Old Sweet Shop has brought the innocent magic of art to Sheffield for six years now. It's been an eventful six years 'un all; since Emma Hudson converted the building (while keeping its name) from a corner store into a local art wunderland, the Steel City's biggest pretty picture producers have come and gone constantly, leaving their mark(ings) all ov'ert shop. Literally.
The Old Sweet Shop has displayed work by Phlegm Comic, Kid Acne, Lord Bunn, Faunagraphic, Martin Bedford and a fair few more besides, as well as selling crafts-y goods adorned by the best Sheff talent. It's safe to say that TOSS has become a springboard for illustrators, designers and artists throughout the city. At the minute you can catch Nick Deakin, the mind behind Great Gatsby's unique look, and his exhibition 'It's Always Been You' along with brand new prints to purchase.
Nick Deakin's 'It's Always Been You' will be open until 31st January. Check out The Old Sweet Shop's website for the latest treats, and you can find out more about the exhibit here.

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